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Welcome, this Website is about

Our "Human Aging Process" and it introduces to you,

A Major, New Discovery About The Human Body

which explains

“How and Why, All Human Beings Age, As They Do”.

In a nutshell, life is about blood.  New blood means new growth.

As long as our life giving, "body feeding", "body cleaning" blood supply; flows “freely” throughout the body; then our body will continue to function, clean and renew itself; forever.  

Until there is, a blockage.

The overview presented in this theory considers the “muscles” of our body, to be the fundamental building blocks of our structure; with our bones, rather like internal, door frames and ceiling joists within a house; just providing, simple and inanimate, “support scaffolding”.  

Our muscles are the bricks forming the walls of our structure.  They hold together the bones and organs of our body and within them, are encased, concealed and protected; lengths of piping, cabling and fittings; our arteries, veins and nerves, that all provide functionality and comfort to the dweller.

If a building is collapsing because the bricks are deteriorating, then naturally in time; door frames will be squashed “out of kilter”, just as our bones will be squashed into touching each other.  The plumbing and electrical systems of our blood supply and nerves, which are all fixed within the walls, within our muscles, will be squashed into failure.  These failures, these problems, are all symptoms of structural collapse and they are not, the problem cause.

                 Our arteries and veins which constitute the supply lines of our                          "life giving", "body feeding" and "body cleaning" blood supply           are all embedded within our muscle's fibres.

       The perpetual flow of our "life giving" blood supply is maintained by             our body's muscles.   Until there is, a blockage.

     "Aging" is the resultant state, of the deterioration of our body's own structure.  A deterioration of our body's bricks, our muscles.  A deterioration of their ability to hold our body together; firm, upright, aligned and functioning.

The Discovery in the book; You Are Not Fat. You Are Damaged. answers and with logical explanation, all of the following,

“age-old” and puzzling questions; plus more. 

                          Also This Discovery Reveals Why,                             Exercise is BAD for Our Body and Fitness is NOT Health.

What is cellulite?

What is pain?

Why aches?

Why burning sensations?

Why pains in the limbs? 

Why numbness in the limbs? 

Why tingling, “pins and needles”?

Why intense itching?

Why cramp?

Why thread veins?

Why varicose veins

Why thrombosis? 

Why swollen ankles and feet?

Why pinched nerves?

Why neuralgia?

Why sciatica?

Why twitches? 

Why restless legs?

Why chronic aches?

Why chronic pain?

Why lumbago?

Why curvature of the spine?  

Why “barrel stomachs”?

Why “men’s breasts”?

Why “love handles”?

Why “saggy upper arms”?

Why “saddle-bag” hips and thighs?

Why fit people suffer heart attacks?

Why dull skin?

Why loose skin?

Why “prune type” wrinkly skin?

Why “jellylike” and “glassy” skin?

Why deep lines?

Why dead skin?

Why bones make contact?

Why joints collapse?

Why discs slip?

Why nerves are trapped?

Why blood vessels are constricted?

Why cartilage dislodges?

Why inflammations?

Why vertebrae erosion?

Why vertebrae fusion?

Why brittle bones?

Why tendonitis?

Why tendons snap?

Why ligaments twist and tear?

Why muscles pull?

Why muscles wither?

Why hernias?

None of the above are diseases of the body, but merely, "symptoms".

They are the "physical manifestations" of a "mis-aligned" muscle system.

Why, after the age of 40, do we all start to get fatter? 

It starts after 40 but it is a problem which then escalates with age.  Over 50 and the weight just piles on, men as well as women.  Our muscles sag, our skin sags and cellulite grows.  Women develop “saddle-bags” bulges on the hips and thighs and men become “barrels” with breasts. 

We are all the same.  Why?

Surely, not all of us are fat, lazy lumps who need to “eat less” and “exercise more”.  Yet, that is what the doctors and keep-fit experts would have us believe.  It is the only solution, because our fat is a “self-induced” problem, it is “our fault”.  

If we are under 50, then we are not sure if this is true.  So we try. 

If we are over 50, then we know, that this is not true.  So we stop. 

If we are over 60, then we become desperate, knowing that it is not us, not our diet and not our exercise nor lack thereof, that is creating this problem.  

We are not fat.  We are damaged.

When injured on the outside, our bodies bleed and create a scab.  The scab hardens as a protection for the new flesh, while it re-grows beneath. 

When injured on the inside, even a bruise, we also create a scab, a blockage, medically termed; an “oedema”.  Like a scab, it too hardens and like “glue”, it sits within the muscle, holding together fibres and protecting the damaged flesh.  

But now, we are damaged.  We have an internal scab. We have a blockage. 

All of the knocks, bumps and strains that we have encountered over the years in our everyday lives, have left their marks within; in the form of blockages, little scabs on the inside called “oedemas”. 

As we age, our bodies become strewn with hundreds, indeed

thousands of tiny oedemas.

Now, our blood flow which cleans the body by carrying away dead cells, is directly hindered by these blockages, causing “body cell debris” to snag on them and be left behind.  

Our bodies are “blocking up”.  

It is not fat.  It is “body cell debris” accumulating and for our own protection, growing in bulges around the sites of the damaged muscles; and more good news, we are normal.  

We are all the same.  

Fatty bulges appear on the back of our necks.  Double layered bulges appear under the arms and they spread around to the chest and along to the elbows.  Our underarm hollows disappear and our upper arms sag.  Our waists thicken at the back and we get up to four “spare tyres” around the middle.  The tummy protrudes and then adding more weight to our misery; men become "barrels with breasts" and women develop bulges on the hips and thighs

We are all the same.  Why?

Before our obsession with “child-like” thinness on fully grown adults; “middle-age spread” was considered normal.  Now however, it is viewed with disgust as an active or rather inactive, lifestyle choice.  

It is not a choice.  It is Nature’s plan for the over 40s.


Our skeletons of 206 bones are held in place, supported and controlled by some 650 muscles, all inter-connecting harmoniously and placed, layer upon layer.  In perfect, engineering precision our muscles constitute the ropes of the  “pulley and lever” systems of our bodies; to lift, lower and twist those bones. 

No muscles, no body.  No muscles, no movement.

At school we all learned that; fresh blood is pumped out from our heart into the body, via the arteries but it returns to the heart, via the veins.  The pump of the heart therefore, is only one half of our blood circulatory system.  The other half, medically termed the “venous pump”, is responsible for returning blood back to the heart via the veins and it is an action, performed by; all the other muscles.  Our muscles safely encase our veins deep within their flexible, springy fibres and by continuously squeezing and releasing the veins; our muscles “pump” our blood back to the heart.  The health of our “venous pump” is dependent upon the health of our muscles.  

No muscles, no circulation.

We are (or were) finely tuned mechanical devices. 

Just one injured or pulled muscle however, puts strain onto another, which puts strain onto another, which puts strain onto another.  Pulled muscles, minor injuries and strain from repetitive actions all accumulate, causing pains, stiffness and restricting our movements.  Over time our mobility is reduced and gradually, (if grumpily) we accept it. 

But, we don’t need to.   

Our bodies are also excellent at self re-generation.  When cut, our skin renews completely, in 3 to 5 weeks.  Every heart beat brings fresh blood with nutrients; to feed cells and to clean away dead cells and waste products.  Cell by cell our bodies undergo continuous renewal.  

Until there is, a blockage. 


A healthy muscle, when operating to capacity, has the power to either;  

             (i)  rip a muscle from the bone, or  (ii)  break the bone.  

That’s why, when just one of our muscles is damaged (by injury or strain), it cannot afford to be surrounded by completely healthy muscles, or it runs the risk of being torn apart.  So, for protection, our bodies have a mechanism. 

 “The damaged muscle contracts and pulls upon its bones, where it tears or frays away from the bone, causing hundreds of new "protective", glue-like oedemas to be formed.  Subsequently, all the other muscles also attached to those bones, are placed under strain.  They contract and pull; more oedemas are formed and as a result, those muscles too weaken.”

The “body cell debris” collects around and for protection, both cements into place and pads our damaged muscles where they meet the bones, but as a result we lose mobility and gain fatty bulges.  

The good news is; when our bodies make a “snap reaction”, the strain of movement is spread over several weaken muscles, sharing the strain. 

No weakest link

The bad news is; this leads to the painful distortion, discomfort and deterioration our bodies.  But also, for our own protection, now there are;

No more snap reactions.  

Then as we reach the ages of 40 to 50 (younger for serious gym users) our bodies change shape.  The product of these injuries finally manifests in a contracting posture with these “body cell debris” accumulations.  

We begin to call ourselves fat.  But, it is not fat. 

The results are curved backs, shorter necks, hunched and uneven shoulders, lop-sided hips and all; adorned with unsightly, dimply, cellulite, fatty bulges. Then elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee problems occur.  

We aren’t sleeping well.  Sitting and standing are uncomfortable.  We have aches, pains, cramps, tingling and numbness.  We are fatigued.  We are frustrated.  We are getting fatter.

Our bodies are misaligned.  One by one, our muscles are seizing, we are slowing down and gradually; we are “blocking up”.


Now, our hearts have to pump harder and so, “our blood pressure rises”

With many seized muscles not squeezing our veins fully, the “venous pump” suffers and the non-returning blood pools in and overflows the valves in our veins, creating “thread veins”

When a muscle is seized, then the veins which are normally embedded within the springy muscle fibres have no space to exist and so, they rise to the surface as “varicose veins”. 

Ultimately, the lack of new blood to all areas is detrimental to the performance of our bodies’ organs and then, it’s big trouble.  

And nothing, even eating less, stops the growth of those fatty bulges. No matter how hard we try to get rid of them, very little has any effect.  Whether we diet, eat much less or begin to exercise more, the bulges just seem to get larger.  Even if we spend many hours exercising, the increased heart pumping may reduce them; but as soon as the regime stops, the bulges re-appear and in exactly the same places, only larger.  

Fitness is not an indicator of health and pulling on misaligned muscles does not bring them back into alignment.  Indeed, pulling on muscles which are securely cemented at each end, only results in the seizing of the muscle in between.  

The bulges continue to grow and when large enough, they push out against the mesh of our skin creating the “orange peel” which we call cellulite.  With reduced blood flow, our skin’s elasticity fails and fatty nodules also poke out, completing the "lumpy, dimply, cellulite look".

We are convinced, that we are fat.  But, it is not fat.  It is “body cell debris” and more good news, you are normal.  

If you are fat; then you will be smooth and rounded everywhere, with a rounded fat face, rounded fat fingers and rounded fat toes. 

But, if your fat is; 

"dimply, lumpy bulges that droop in bands around your body ", then; 

You are not Fat, You are DAMAGED. 

When blood flow is restricted, cell waste and dead cells are not removed and “body cell debris”, assumed to be fat, accumulates.  As blood circulation is further reduced, more “debris” accumulates.  

It’s a vicious circle.  Your body is “blocking up”.  


Why then, when the body is so good at self renewal, we get a new skin every 3 to 5 weeks, doesn’t it clear these blockages?  The answer seems to me, to be; because we are intended by Nature; to age, deteriorate and ultimately die.  The body will, for many years, restore the function of a damaged muscle with the fix of an oedema, but eventually, between the ages of 50 to 75 the damage is evident and manifests itself in these “body cell debris” accumulations and our bodies begin to “block up”.  The accumulations reduce circulation which in turn reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all areas.  The body’s organs are affected, they malfunction and our health deteriorates, just as Nature planned.  It is no coincidence that we all age as we do.

But in defeat of Nature, these days we are all living longer and as the quality of our lives depends greatly; upon our mobility and upon the health and comfort of our body; time spent redressing the damage now, will be rewarded in the years to come.  

You can redress the ravages of time with the Unique, 

Muscle Renewal System    

And You Don’t Have to Diet or Even, Have to Walk a Yard 

(Sorry, a Metre!). 

Your Body is your ONLY Future, INVEST in Yourself.  


So What's the Answer?      What Do Clients Say?

The Muscle Renewal System is a unique and exclusive service,

known only to and proffered by; Linda Dodds.

Invest in Your Body - It is Worth MORE than Your House

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The ideas expressed on this web site are the original concept of the author, Linda Dodds.

Copyright © Ms. L. Dodds June 2006. 

All rights reserved. 

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